Trypsin, Mass Spec Grade INQUIRY

Cat.No: TRY-100P 

Product: Trypsin, Mass Spec Grade

Cat No.                    Name                                             Size

TRY-100P         Trypsin, Mass Spec Grade1mM            100µg

HCL-100P         Hydrochloric acid buffer                         0.5ml

Description: Trypsin specifically hydrolyzes peptide bonds at the carboxyl side of lysine and arginine residues. Unmodified trypsin is subject to auto-proteolysis, generating fragments that can interfere with protein sequencing or HPLC peptide analysis. In addition, auto- proteolysis can result in the generation of pseudo trypsin, which has been shown to exhibit chymotrypsin-like specificity.Hualishi Scientific Mass Spec Grade Modified Trypsin is porcine trypsin modified by reductive methylation, rendering it resistant to proteolysis digestion . In enzymatic stability tests, modified trypsin was not found to self-hydrolysis and retain higher the activity of general trypsin.

Formulation: mass spectrometry modified trypsin is supplied by lyophilized powder.

Molecular Weight: 23kDa.

Resuspension Buffer(HCL-100P): Trypsin Resuspension Buffer is composed of 1mM hydrochloric acid.

Storage Conditions: Store the lyophilized powder at –20°C. Store reconstituted enzyme at –70°C.

Shelf life: 24 months at -20℃

Stability: Modified trypsin is maximally active in the pH range of 7–9 and reversibly inactivated at pH 4.

Usage Notes:

-For maximum activity, resuspend Mass Spectrum Grade Modified Trypsin in the Trypsin Resuspension Buffer provided, and heat at 30°C for 15 minutes before use.

-Thaw the reconstituted trypsin at room temperature, placing on ice immediately after thawing. Remove the amount of trypsin needed, then refreeze the unused portion at -70℃. To maintain maximum product activity, limit the number of freeze-thaw cycles to five or dispense into single-use aliquots after resuspending.

-A protease:protein ratio of 1:100 to 1:25(w/w) is recommended for protein identification or PTM for 13-16 hours at 37°C

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