Recombinant Minimum Streptavidin (r-mSA) INQUIRY

Cat.No: RP-104MS
Cat# RP-104MS
Product Name Recombinant Minimum Streptavidin (r-mSA)
Introduction Streptavidin is a homotetrameric protein secreted from Streptomyces avidinii. Similar to avidin, one mole of streptavidin can bind 4 moles of biotin with a high affinity . Streptavidin lacks carbohydrate side chainspresent on avidin and has an isoelectric point close to neutrality. Therefore it has a reducing nonspecific binding level as compared to avidin. Streptavidin has been extensively applied in various biological fields, such as ELISA, IHC, TRFIA, quantifying PCR, isolation of singlestranded nucleotide, purification of biomolecule, and monoclonal antibody production as well. Recombinant Minimum Streptavidin is a 118 amino acid protein which is improved in stability and specificity by the removal of activity-unrelated sequence compared to native streptavidin.
Theoretical pI 6.07
Source E.coli
Molecular Weight 12.4 kDa for monomer, 49.6 kDa for tetramer
Purity Greater than 95% as determined by SDS-PAGE
Activity 17 U/mg protein (Determined according to modified Green Method)
Formulation Lyophilized from 10 mM PB (9.9 mM Na2HPO4, 0.1 mM NaH2PO4, pH8.5)
Storage Duration 3 years
Storage Recombinant Minimum Streptavidin is stable at 2-8 °C, but should be kept at -20 °C for long term storage. Avoid repeated freeze/thaw cycles.
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