Lentivirus HIV-1 P24 Rapid Test Strip INQUIRY

Cat.No: RTS-026
Cat#: RTS-026

Product Name: Lentivirus HIV-1 P24 Rapid Test Strip

Size: 10T


Lentivirus vector based on the human immunodeficiency virus-1 (HIV-1) has become a promising vector for gene transfer studies. The advantageous feature of lentivirus vector is the ability of gene transfer and integration into dividing and non-dividing cells1-2 . The pseudotyped envelope with vesicular stomatitis virus envelope G (VSV-G) protein broadens the target cell range. Lentiviral vectors have been shown to deliver genes to neurons, lymphocytes and macrophages, cell types that previous retrovirus vectors could not be used. Lentiviral vectors have also proven to be effective in transducing brain, liver, muscle, and retina in vivo without toxicity or immune responses. Recently, the lentivirus system is widely used to integrate siRNA efficiently in a wide variety of cell lines and primary cells both in vitro and in vivo.

Lentivirus Titer Kit (Lentivirus Associated HIV-1 p24) provides an efficient system for rapid test of lentivirus titer for both viral supernatant and purified virus.

Principle Of The Lentivirus HIV-1 P24 Rapid Test Strip:

This product is a semi-quantitative hiv-1 P24 protein detection card based on colloidal gold lateral chromatography. It can be used for rapid assessment of Lentivirus vectors and pseudovirus packaging efficiency. The limit detection of the Lentivirus HIV-1 P24 Rapid Test Strip is 1 ng/mL. If the concentration of P24 in the samples is between 1 ng/mL to 500 ng/mL, the color shade of test line is positively correlated to P24 concentrations. Through comparing with the color card, It can semi-quantitative test HIV-1 P24 protein concentration in the specimen, and roughly estimate the titer of lentivirus.


Packaging efficiency of Lentivirus vector based on HIV-1
Detection of pseudovirus packaging efficiency


The kit has detection sensitivity limit of 1 ng/mL HIV-1 p24.

Service Features:

► Easy to Use
► Time Saving: Only need 10-15 min to get the result

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