Human DCUN1D1 knockout cell line INQUIRY

Cat.No: ABKC-001H
Cat#: ABKC-001H
Product Name: Human DCUN1D1 Knockout Stable Cell Line
Description: Human DCUN1D1 knockout stable cell line is from HAP1 host cell, edited by CRISPR/Cas to contain a frameshift mutation in a coding exon of DCUN1D1.
Type: Knockout Stable Cell Line
Gene Symbol: DCUN1D1
Other Names: RP42, SCCRO, DCUN1L1,  SCRO, Tes3
Species: Human
Host Cell: HAP1
Application: WB;Functional Assay;IHC;IF
Quality Control: >95% viability before freezing. All cells were tested and found to be free of mycoplasma, bacterial, viruses, and other toxins.
Storage:  Store at -80 centigrade upon receiving. Liquid nitrogen for a long-term storage. Minimizing freeze- thaw cycles

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