Human Cancer Antigen 27-29 (CA27-29) ELISA Kit INQUIRY

Cat.No: CA-128E
Cat#: CA-128E

Product Name: Human Cancer Antigen 27-29 (CA27-29) ELISA Kit

Intend Use:

This CA27-29 ELISA Kit is suitable for in vitro qualitative detection of human serum, plasma or cell culture supernatant and organizations in the natural and recombinant CA27-29 concentration. Detection of other special sample please contact our technical support. The kit is for research use only. Please read the instructions carefully before using and check the kit components. If you have any questions, please contact Advanced Biomart. You will get our full range of services.


This Human Cancer Antigen 27-29 (CA27-29) ELISA Kit employs Double Antibody Sandwich Technique. The principle of Double Antibody Sandwich is based on characteristics of the tested antigen with more than two valances which can identify coated antibody and detection antibody at same time. The specific process is as follows:

1. Connect the specific antibodies and solid phase carriers to form immobilized antibodies. Wash out uncombined antibodies and impurities. Seal the rest binding sites with irrelevant proteins.
2. Join under test with immobilized antibodies for contact reaction. After a while, combine antigens in and antibodies on carriers into the antigens complex. Wash out uncombined antibodies and impurities.
3. Add biotin labeling antibodies to combine with the antigens on immune complexes. Wash out the uncombined biotin labeling antibodies thoroughly. The enzyme amount on the carrier is now positively related to the amount of the tested substance in specimens.
4. Add horseradish peroxidase to label the avidins and incorporate them with the biotin labeling antibodies. Wash out the incorporated enzyme markers thoroughly. The enzyme amount on the carrier is now positively related to the amount of the tested substance in specimens.
5. Add substrates for coloring, and compute the concentration of specimens.
Note: an antibody molecule can be marked on several biotin molecules and a biotin molecule can be connected with a HRP-Avidin to form numbers of horseradish peroxidases combining with antibodies which shows higher sensitivity and amplification effect comparing with traditional direct HRP-Antibodies.

Detection Principle Of The Human Cancer Antigen 27-29 (CA27-29) ELISA Kit:

This experiment use double-sandwich elisa technique and the ELISA Kit provided is typical. The pre-coated antibody is anti-human CA27-29 monoclonal antibody and the detecting antibody is polyclonal antibody with biotin labeled. Samples and biotin labeling antibody are added into ELISA plate wells and washed out with PBS or TBS. Then Avidin-peroxidase conjugates are added to ELISA wells in order; Use TMB substrate for coloring after reactant thoroughly washed out by PBS or TBS. TMB turns into blue in peroxidase catalytic and finally turns into yellow under the action of acid. The color depth and the testing factors in samples are positively correlated.

Kit Parameters:
Detection range100 U/ml-1.56 U/ml
Sensitivitythe minimum detectable human CA27-29 up to 0.5 U/ml.
SpecificNo cross-reaction with other factors.
Intra assay Precision】≤ 12%
Inter assay Precision】≤ 8%
Recovery70 - 110 percent.
Storage-20C [Short-term should be placed 4℃(such as two weeks)]
Usesused in vitro quantitative analysis of liquid samples (Universal).
Production DateSee microtiter plates aluminum foil bag sealing stamp.
Validity12 months (-20C).

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