Chloramphenicol Rapid Test Strip (Tissue) INQUIRY

Cat.No: RTS-008
Cat# RTS-008
Product Name Chloramphenicol Rapid Test Strip (Tissue)
Size 40T
Description chloramphenicol is an often used antibiotic in the production of milk, meat and eggs. In humans it leads to haematotoxic side effects like the chloramphenicol induced aplastic anemia. This has caused low limits in Germany, e.g. 1ug/kg for milk, meat and eggs.
Intend Use The Rapid Chloramphenicol Test Kit is a qualitative and rapid lateral flow assay designed to detect Chloramphenicol residues in tissue at 0.1ppb.
Principle Of The Test The assay uses a competitive colloidal gold based format to test Chloramphenicol residues in tissue. If Chloramphenicol is present in the sample it will therefore bind with the conjugate and will be labeled. As the sample migrates along the membrane and reaches the capture zone an excess of labeled antibody will bind to the immobilized antigen so that no visible line is produced. The bound conjugate will then bind to the antibodies in the control zone producing a visible control line. A single control line on the membrane is a positive result. Two visible lines in the capture and control zones is a negative result. However, if an excess of unlabelled Chloramphenicol are not present, a weak line may be produced in the capture zone, indicating an inconclusive result.
Sensitivity The minimum detectable dose of Chloramphenicol was determined to be approximately 0.1ppb.
Materials Provided Chloramphenicol Residue Rapid Test Device: 40T
Product Introduction: 1 copy
Storage Store at 15-25, DO NOT FREEZE or use beyond the expiration date. The shelf life is 12 months.
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